Managed Fleet Solutions Overview


A city’s Managed Fleet Solutions team is critically important as they will be the primary actor in facilitating implementation of EVs into the municipal fleet operations. Managed Fleet Solutions is tasked with ensuring safe and reliable transportation to city employees at a reasonable cost to taxpayers; this typically includes acquisition, maintenance, repair, fueling and retirement of motor vehicles. The successful adoption of EV technology requires (1) a seamless integration with existing operational needs such that the city’s mission to provide services to its residents is not compromised; and (2) recognition that adding EVs to the fleet will also require some evolution in existing management practices. The Managed Fleet Solutions team is literally where the rubber hits the road, and they must coordinate and cooperate with other city departments such as procurement, facilities management, sustainability/resilience, and the mayor’s office in addition to the drivers themselves.

Long-Term Fleet Electrification Support

The successful management of an EV fleets relies on the same principles of every-day managed fleet solutions: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Managed Fleet Solutions on the whole is moving towards data-driven approaches to management and nowhere is this more critical than EVs. To effectively monitor electricity consumption, ensure vehicles are being charged and highly utilized, and to monitor the balance between electricity and gasoline use in PHEVs, quality data and management practices are required. The Climate Mayors team is in a position to offer guidance, share best practices, and make connections among fleet managers to foster the goals of each municipality.

Fleet Staff Survey

Please take a moment to complete a short questionnaire to help the Climate Mayors team understand the unique structure and needs of your municipal fleet. A team member will get in touch with you for one-on-one follow up to review the information.