Electric Vehicle Resources


The Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification – DRVE Tool – developed by the Electrification Coalition, provides quick and easy analysis for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleet electrification. The Microsoft Excel-based tool can evaluate various procurement ownership structures, vehicle types, electric vehicle charging configurations, and many more scenarios.

Federal Funding Finder

The Electrification Coalition (EC) developed the EV Funding Finder, a tool to identify federal transportation electrification funding opportunities, made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA),  the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and other programs that have increased EV and EV charging infrastructure eligibility. This user-friendly tool can help your entity identify funding opportunities to electrify your fleet and community.

Public Safety Vehicle Resources

Electrification of public safety vehicles across the country is becoming more prevalent as cities and municipalities seek to electrify their fleets fully. Though there are challenges to finding the right vehicle to ensure optimal functionality, there are options available today for electric police vehicles, paratransit vehicles, and fire trucks.

The following case stories show how cities across the country are embracing EVs as an option for police vehicles:

NYPD Mach-E Purchases
Bargersville, Indiana
Logan, Ohio
Fremont Police Department
Cincinnati, OH

Like police vehicles, electric paratransit vehicles are on the cusp of becoming more prevalent. The following cities have introduced pilot programs:

Seattle Area Paratransit Pilot (launched fall 2022)
Montreal Area Paratransit Pilot (launched June 2021)

For some examples of paratransit vehicles on the market, visit this list and this list.

Electric fire trucks are also being tested around the country, though their prevalence is not yet high. The following articles demonstrate some of the examples to date:

America’s First EV Fire Truck, the Rosenbauer RTX | GreenCars
Pierce Manufacturing’s Fire Truck
Madison, WI Electric Fire Engine

Other Tools and Resources