Ford Escape

Steps to Procurement: Vehicles, Chassis and Equipment, School Buses, Managed Fleet Solutions, or Charging Infrastructure

1. Explore resources.
The Collaborative has gathered a wide range of fleet electrification resources providing information on policy, procurement, and EV basics. You can find all of the resources on this site.

2. Contact the Collaborative. 
The team is here to provide guidance and support on electrifying your fleet. Please reach out to us at to talk about your fleet goals.

3. Analyze your fleet.
A key step to electrifying your fleet is to understand the cost savings potential. Use the EC’s free Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification (DRVE) Tool to understand total cost of ownership and vehicle options.

4. Consider charging and vehicle solutions.
The Collaborative offers electric light-duty EVs, refuse haulers, fire trucks, charging stations, street sweepers and more! Review the offerings to better understand what options are available for your fleet through Sourcewell.

5. Place order.
Once you know what you need, reach out to the contact listed with each vehicle or charging offering to place your order.

6. Start driving electric!
Start enjoying cost savings, a better ride, cleaner air, and less maintenance!

Class SUV
Electric Range 37-Miles
Drive FWD
Exterior Color Oxford White
Interior Color Dark Earth Gray
Fuel Type Plug-In Hybrid