Medium/Heavy Duty

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Electric Chassis and Equipment


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Brett Duarte
Kenworth Truck Company
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Model K270E
Completely electric truck with a 26,000 gross vehicle weight rating for non CDL drivers and up to 10,000 lbs. of payload. Available in both low profile with 19.5” tires and wheels or full dock height with 22.5” tires and wheels. Standard range is 100 miles with optional battery packs that can provide up to 200 mile range.

Model K370E
Completely electric truck with a 33,000 gross vehicle weight rating for CDL drivers and up to 10,000 lbs. of payload. Standard range is 100 miles with optional battery packs that can provide up to 200 mile range.

Model T680E
Completely electric heavy duty truck with a 54,000 gross vehicle weight rating or regional haul daycab tractor with a gross combination weight rating of 82,000 lbs. Standard range is 150 miles.

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Gary Lalonde – Vice President of Sales

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Chuck Wissinger
Mack Trucks
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Mack LR model features:

Superior Visibility

Side loading and maneuvering narrow streets are made easier with rear wraparound windows that increase your field of vision where you need it most.

Expanded Storage

These trucks make the most of cab space by packing in more storage than you thought possible. A centrally located storage platform creates a convenient spot to keep paperwork, a cell phone or an MP3 player—with extra room for a lunch box. Add cup holders for regular and large bottles, and there’s a fit for everything on the job.

Ergonomic Design

When it comes to taking command of demanding jobs, comfort is key. The LR model’s extended cab offers more room to do the job your way. A tilt and telescopic steering column, new seat positions, suspended pedals, knee bolsters and arm rests let drivers adjust their truck for improved comfort and efficiency. Plus, the integrated air conditioner provides a factory-installed climate-controlled environment that supplies relief on the hottest days.

Instrument Panel & Controls

These trucks keep the latest technology at your fingertips. A gauge cluster mounted to the steering column, Bluetooth enabled, hands-free radio with communications capabilities and power window and door locks make sure the driver is always in complete control.

Easy Entry

LR model trucks reduce driver effort so you can do more. A low step 17 inches off the ground and large grab handles help drivers get in and out of the cab to ease the demands of a hard day’s work.

Sizeable Door Offerings

Step into one of the largest door openings in the industry. The LR offers three door configurations and six door combinations to suit your needs.

Work Brake

Operate your braking system with ease. A hand-operated work brake allows drivers to go from start to stop by parking the truck on its service brakes with one simple motion. That means less wear and tear and more productivity.

LED Lighting

The LR model features interior and exterior LED lighting packages that require little maintenance while offering improved safety, increased productivity and a brilliant working environment.

Body Builder Ready

The LR is engineered from the very beginning to make body installation easy and reliable. Then Mack takes it to the next level with a dedicated body builder support group that ensures seamless collaboration between body builders, dealers and customers.

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Model 220EV
Peterbilt continues to expand its alternative powertrain o­fferings with the new Model 220EV–its first electric configuration for medium duty applications.

Model 520EV
The Model 520EV is the low-cab forward solution that completes the Peterbilt lineup of electric vehicles. It is ideal for commercial and residential refuse applications.

Model 579EV
Peterbilt leads the industry in alternative powertrain offerings with the availability of the Model 579EV, an all-electric Class 8 vehicle.

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Electrical. And lasting.

The RT has a charging capacity of up to 150 kW, which means that the built-in batteries can be recharged in no time at all. This means that purely electric and therefore emission-free short-range operation is not a problem, even when used very frequently in big cities. Due to the built-in range extender, the RT can also run on diesel when needed, without any limitations.

Flexible charging

The batteries of the RT can be charged with three-phase alternating current (AC: 11 kW or 22 kW) from a high-voltage industrial socket, without the need for a special adapter. The high-performance high-voltage batteries also provide sufficient output for external consumers. Several external devices with a combined power consumption of up to 18 kW can be operated simultaneously via the power outlet.

Reduced emissions

When the vehicle comes to a standstill, the engine is automatically deactivated. The lighting and equipment are powered directly by the batteries. This greatly reduces the noise level at the scene of the emergency, making it easier for the crew to work, reducing stress, and benefiting nearby residents. The RT’s electric drive is not only powerful, but also emission-free. The batteries ensure that no fuel is combusted while driving.

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