Procurement FAQs

There is no surcharge per vehicle or cost to participate.

This program already has aggregated volume to bring competitive pricing for everyone.

As a governmental peer, Sourcewell can leverage its 50,000+ members to secure competitive solutions.  As a governmental agency, Sourcewell can work with other governmental agencies through joint powers laws and cooperative purchasing statues, in a not-for-profit manner.

The entire solicitation process under which National Auto Fleet Group was awarded is available at National Auto Fleet Group contract #120716-NAF. It is located under Contract Documents.

The credit amount is based on the make and model of the vehicle. The final credit amount is determined upon delivery of the vehicle.

Through a contract administrative fee with vendors, but not passed on to members.

These vehicles are already under contract through Sourcewell contract #120716-NAF. The contract number is the Sourcewell assigned contract number. Program pricing is available on request.

Price is guaranteed until the manufacturer makes adjustments.

This contract is specific to National Auto Fleet Group, which is an authorized dealer for most OEM’s and works with local dealers for delivery.

For the specific vehicles and standard builds included on the website, pricing will not be negotiable.

Through this program we have already aggregated the volume of the group and we are providing you with a competitively bid financing option through Sourcewell. This is done through National Cooperative Leasing.

Decaling and extra keys can be accommodated with additional related costs.

National Auto Fleet Group would handle warranty and support, just as any other authorized dealer would handle this.

After significant research and consultation with other cities on how to make a commonly accessible procurement platform for as many cities as possible to use, it was determined that a cooperative would be the best approach. Sourcewell was chosen because of their government status, previous experience with EV adoption efforts and vehicles generally, as well as their broad network and 50-state reach.

Many manufacturers have released plans to launch SUV, van, and truck options in the coming years. As other models become available, they will be added to the list.

Sourcewell is open to all public agencies, so that should not be an issue. The hope of the platform is to see the most zero emission vehicles deployed.

Visit and click “Apply Online”. Becoming a member is free.

It depends. National Cooperative Leasing will evaluate the incentive opportunities on a state-by-state basis.